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Recent News


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Founded in September 2012 by Françoise Laborde with a group of pioneers, including Simone Halberstadt Harari, Bibiane Godfroid, Laurence Bachman, Mercedes Erra, Marie-Christine Zaragoza, Carole Bienime Besse, Laura Lemens Boy, Catherine Nayl, France Zobda, “For Women in Media” was established to encourage and support women to find their place in the French TV and digital media industries, whether it be on-air and on-line and or within senior management positions. The PFDM association gathers the leaders of the media concerned by the image and of the place of the women in the media. It also aims at helping the young generation to find its place.


Why was this association made for?

Associations of Women in Media have  long been in existance in many countries such as the USA or the UK, but not in France. To rectify this we decided to act and in 2012 created Pour les Femmes dans les Médias (For Women in Media). This active and ambitious organization is conceived as a “Think Tank” aiming to be a true laboratory of ideas and offering concrete means of action  to support women and to promote the image of woman in medias.

Les Trophées PFDM 2018

On Monday, March 5th, at the Pavillon Dauphine in Paris, the association Pour les Femmes Dans les Médias presented its 2018 trophies, created and offered this year by Richard Orlinski (the best-selling French artist in the world), to three laureates for their and their contribution to the cause of women “.

These trophies were preceded by a roundtable on harassment in the media, social networks, and cinema … These censures, pressures, attacks also turn against those who denounce: RSF (Reporters Without Borders) in an exclusive study notes the abuses suffered by journalists investigating violence against women.