For women in the media


Founded in September 2012 by Françoise Laborde and Laura Lemens Boy, ‘For Women in Media » was established to encourage and support women to find their place in the French TV and digital media industries, whether it be on-air and on-line and or within senior management positions.

In television and radio, France is far behind in terms of parity. Women represent 52% of the population in France, but they are only 35% to intervene in the programs. And if they are very present in newsrooms, they are very lacking in leadership positions. Just like what happens in all French companies, including in particular local government service where women constitute 61.0% of the workforce, and 18.0% of executive jobs, and less than 5% of general managers of services. In audiovisual are even less present today in the hierarchy than they did 15 years! Our association brings together women who have at one time or another, be part of this hierarchy and the activity in the media. We managed to break the glass ceiling, but we find that it goes back up such a bamboo that does not break ... It is this new "bamboo ceiling" that we want to break bringing forth a new generation of leaders , of experts and officials.


Francoise Laborde
CEO // Journalist - Former Member of French Regulator CSA
Laura Lemens Boy
GENERAL SECRETARY // Marketing Manager and Consultant at Reed Midem

Angélique Benetti
Treasurer // Director of Content Numéricable

Laura Tenoudji

Carole Bienaimé Besse
Sylvie de la Rochefoucauld