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On March 6, 2017, at the Pavillon Dauphine in Paris, in front of 200 people, the PFDM association presented its trophies to three laureates for their “personal journey and their contribution to the cause of women”.

(Created five years ago at the initiative of Françoise Laborde, with a group of pioneers including Simone Halberstadt Harari, Bibiane Godfroid, Laurence Bachman, Mercedes Erra, Marie-Christine Zaragoza, Carole Bienime Besse, Laura Lemens Boy, Catherine Nayl, The 50-member association today aims to advance the cause of women in the media, make women visible, and help the youngest.)


      Claire Alet and the association « Prenons la une ». (Godmother Michèle Cotta with our partner HEC).
      “Prenons la Une” is a collective of women journalists for a fair representation of women in the media and professional equality in editorial offices, and has set up a tool for journalists to ban some ready-made expressions in the reports. violence against women and sexual assault.


      Bouchera Azzouz with the documentary she wrote « Nos mères, nos daronnes ». (Godmother Mercédes Erra with our partner Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles).
      The documentary “Nos mères, nos daronnes” is a portrait of women from lower-income neighborhoods who pay tribute to all those who embody popular feminism. Mothers of families, often housewives, but also teachers or social assistants, they knew how to shake the traditions and gain their independence with the drip, without noise, deriving from the tracks traced to which they were intended.


      Fanny Herrero, showrunner and writer of the serie « Dix pour cent ». (Godmother Audrey Azoulay with our partner Laurence Jenkell, a sculpter).
      After an exemplary school career (Hypokhâgne, Khâgne, then Sciences Po), Fanny Herrero was an actress from 2000 to 2006. But it is the writing that attracts her and after a first success with “Fort comme un homme”, she founded in 2007 the collective of writers, named SAS. Since then, she worked on the scenarios of “Kabul Kitchen”, “Un village Français” or “Fais pas ci, fais pas ça”. For the first season of “Dix pour cent”, she directed six writers and imposed her style that has attracted millions of viewers, the second season of the series is currently shooting …




Les lauréates du Féminisme Populaire

During this evening, in partnership with the “Ateliers du féminisme Populaire” two prizes were awarded to “heroines of everyday life”. Media women are reaching out to those who engage in the shadows.

    Winner : Magou Soukouna
    Godmother : Corine Lepage
    Winner : association LUOGA de Béziers
    Godmother : Mélissa Theuriau



More than a support, the candy interpreted by Laurence Jenkell becomes a “language” that is part of an intellectual and cultural approach: the subject of candy combining simplicity and universality. Laurence Jenkell’s candy is not only a symbol of sweetness, it is also twist, drape, entanglement and resistance. His sculpture-candy is a radical gesture from the semantic content of Pop Art in its presentation and New Realism in its phenomenon of appropriation. The artist is also positioned, in the filiation of his older elders of the School of Nice. Laurence Jenkell is an artist now recognized in the world of contemporary art (ranked N ° 200 in the Top 500 of the best artists on 700 000 internationally referenced artists). His works are present in more than 25 countries and in important private and public collections.